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Brent's 100 Factoids

Brent Leander Harty’s Personal History

“100 Factoids About Myself”

26 May 2007

1) I'm in the middle of my 30s - 35 to be exact
2) I have one older brother, four younger brothers, and one younger sister.
3) I've been married for nearly 11 years.
4) I have a daughter who is coming up on 6.
5) I was born in Southeast Missouri, as were five generations of Hartys before me.
6) I have sons who are coming up on 2, 4, 8, and 10.
7) I'm 5’ 11’’ tall.
8) My nose is nearly perfect! I did have a rhinoplasty and deviated septum operation which helped nothing.
9) I started to go gray in my beard at around 34. We’ll never know on my head…I keep it shaved for this express purpose!
10) I have a mole on my right shoulder from a bad sunburn in May of 1984.

11) I'm allergic to cats, but my wife is not.
12) I like to wear shoes on a regular basis, as I don’t like holes in my feet!
13) I had watched each of my children being born.
14) I went to public schools and my children are doing the same.
15) I’ve only had one ‘steady’ girl friend – for the span of one month.
16) I started playing the trombone in the 4th grade, tuba in 5th grade, and guitar in my freshman year in college.
17) I have always been a self-motivated person.
18) I got my worst grade ever in college pre-calculus, a 5 hour ‘F’, my first semester in college…ouch!! The sad part of the tale is that I thought I could pull it out to passing. It is also the only course that I ever studied for on a regular basis in college.
19) I inherited my first computer when I was married.
20) I have lived in Missouri (Cape Girardeau, Ste. Genevieve, Hillsboro, Pevely, Imperial), Virginia (Richmond), Illinois (Hillsboro, Taylor Springs, Edwardsville, Carbondale, Champaign, Butler, Joliet), Utah (Provo) Oregon (Florence, North Bend, Springfield)

21) My first job was at the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office as summer maintenance.
22) My shortest job was at a pipe factory in Gillespie. I couldn’t have worked more than a week.
23) I've worked with the Boy Scouts of America since May 1999.
24) I like most aspects of my career, although I am quite tired of my present position.
25) I don’t have a pet, nor do I need one as I have 5 kids! I would love to own a horse, particularly a Lineback Dunn, or even a Clydesdale! I also am a fan of Traveller.
26) If I would choose careers over, besides a BSA executive, I’d like to be in exercise/nutrition. I’d also like to focus more on being a sculptor that does public statuary…that would be my dream job.
27) I played football, basketball, baseball and track in high school. I only lettered in football, and started Varsity football as a sophomore on through. I played defensive end and tight end.
28) I enjoy walking, especially with my wife and letting the kids ride their bikes. It is my favorite exercise.
29) I lost 40 lbs or so in 2001 and have kept it off since.
30) I weight trained for over 15 years. However in late 2006 switched to only doing push ups, crunches and lunges since then.

31) I had hair past my shoulders while in college because I didn’t cut it for over 3 years.
32) I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
33) I started reading my scriptures daily on June 4, 1985 and have hardly missed a day since.
34) I vote Republican, but very often wish there was someone else to vote for!
35) I had my first church calling was in the Deacons Quorum Presidency as a counselor. 36) I support President Bush and the war in Iraq, although it is dragging on way too long. I wonder about the benefit of the war. I wish our troops can be cut loose to do what they REALLY could do. The war would be over in a week.
37) I went to a rally for then candidate Bill Clinton in Vandalia, IL with my Mom.
38) I hold conservative, old fashion views and wish government would leave me and my family alone to enjoy life as best we set it.
39) I have pretty much always worn my seatbelt, although I can be seen not wearing when I first drive away. 40) Black, dark blue and of course, gray are my favorite colors.

41) I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV. It feels like a waste of time to me and generally is used a ‘veg out’ time for me.
42) I don’t watch rated R movies. I don’t want to see the crudity that ensues.
43) My favorite season is Fall.
44) My favorite thing to put on a hot dog is sauerkraut and spicy mustard.
45) My favorite calling was Scoutmaster and Varsity Team Coach.
46) My favorite sport to watch is Cardinal Baseball!
47) My favorite sport to play is tackle football, although I like about any sport where I can use my size and strength to my advantage.
48) My favorite soda is Diet A&W Root Beer. I also like Coke Zero almost as much
49) I say Soda or even soda pop.
50) I rarely get totally lost. I have a good knack for finding my way in the country. I have good directional sense.

51) I eat 2 fried eggs, slightly runny, everyday for breakfast.
52) I take my shirts, slacks and suits to the dry cleaners.
53) I was taught how to do laundry, but would often come home to have my mom do much of my laundry.
54) I’ve never tried cigarettes, and sparingly tried various forms of alcohol when I was in college. I didn’t find much need in it, nor do I see the draw to it.
55) I enjoy sewing my civil war clothes, and making period items, like my wallet, or storage boxes, knife sheaths etc.
56) I like jamming Metallica and Brad Paisley on my guitar when I take the time.
57) I much prefer Coke over Pepsi, and will only drink it when that is all they serve.
58) I like the motto, “Everything has a place and everything in its place.
59) I do well with sports involving eye/hand coordination. I do even better in the sport if it involves body contact!
60) I have a tendency to stay up late. That is when I work on my projects…when all else are asleep so as to have no distractions. In college, I rarely went to bed before 2 am.

61) I have $500,000 in life insurance and am looking to get more soon.
62) I am not squeamish at the sight of blood, but deep, gross wounds give me a funny feeling on the inside.
63) I like to make Indian chokers and other crafts.
64) I do not enjoy most board games. They are built on chance, not on skill, to win.
65) I am a better than average speller.
66) I am often late for events because I try to do too many things in too short of time. I also generally would rather be doing something else.
67) I can’t juggle, nor do I wish to.
68) I often enter the worldwide LDS art competition. So far, I’ve had no luck in it.
69) I like spicy food.
70) I have a plan for a monument to Missouri Cavalry forces in the Confederacy, that will be a relief bronze with the names of the individual regiments on the back, that I hope to do sometime in the future.

71) I like broccoli in most forms, especially when it is well cooked.
72) Peanuts and almonds, and chips and salsa are my weakness I food.
73) I’ve tried actively to eat well for over the last 10 years.
74) I wish that I could multi-task effectively.
75) I don’t mind talking on the phone, although lately I find it a chore.
76) I am developing a very strong interest in American history, particularly the Civil War.
77) I enjoy the Harry Potter books.
78) I like action movies best.
79) I can’t hardly stand commercials when listening to the radio, therefore I often listen to cd’s.
80) I have started blogs based on family history in the last few months.

81) I have been told that I look like I weigh considerably less than I do.
82) I like to share my thoughts when I am upset, and do not do a great job of masking my emotions, although I am often successful in containing them.
83) I am often critical of others, although I very much wish I wasn’t.
84) I have everything on my desk, shelves, drawers and closet in a specific place and can tell if someone moved it.
85) I like to shower everyday.
86) I like to use body powder to keep cool. (at a sutler tent at my last civil war event, I saw Crotch Powder…it made my laugh!)
87) When I drive, I aim to control ‘pockets’ of open spaces in the road. This is a safety feature my Dad taught me. This controlling to the road often facilitates fairly aggressive driving, at least when the traffic is harried.
88) I still claim to be from Southeast Missouri…and always will!
89) I would like to buried in the cemetery in Bloomfield, Stoddard, Missouri where so much of my family is buried.
90) In conversation, when people don’t open up, I find it very frustrating and baffling, as I like to be open and tell someone what I think.

91) I cut my hair with an electric razor twice weekly.
92) I have only twice ever paid for a barber to cut my hair.
93) If I see something I like or feel I can use, I often buy it, making a relatively quick decision to do so, especially if I know it to be a bargain.
94) I like to spend money on things I can keep, not on things that are consumable (like going to the movies for example…rarely do it)
95) I drive a 2003 Saturn Ion coupe…manual transmission…silver…leather seats…I like it a lot, and in fact, ordered it that way new.
96) I have a 1967 Dodge Monaco, 383, that I want to restore someday in the near future.
97) I got my drivers license on my sixteenth birthday with my Dad in Hillsboro, IL.
98) I enjoy kids when they are 3 years old and up the best (although all ages are of course good).
99) I feel very natural driving trucks, and enjoy driving our suburban.
100) I’m good enough, I’m strong enough, and dog-gone it, people like me!

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